15 Handy Tips every bride should know before her wedding day


After 39 Years as a wedding photographer,I have found that some very common situations that can trip a bride right up if she isn’t prepared for them. Most people only get married once, and they might not be ready for the many little things, that could make their day go smoother, or not so smooth.



Below,are 15 things I find so often, will cause a bride unnecessary headaches on her wedding day.
A little preparation, can save a lot of stress.

complex wedding clothing

1) Have everyone try all the tuxes and dresses on before the day arrives. The men may not get thier clothing until the day before,
so they won't have as much time to do this. Wedding clothing is more complicated than street clothing, there are a lot of buttons, cufflinks, special ties, expanders, and one-size-fits-all stuff, that often doesn't.
You know the drill on women's clothing, that wedding dress probably has a lot of buttons, lace ups, hooks, small clasps, and other stuff that would only frustrate you if the first time you try it on is your wedding day. Your bridesmaids may have similar problems -broken jewelry clasps,too long hem lengths when the actual shoes are worn,hang up straps that keep popping out,and broken spaghetti straps are frequent last minute disaters.

Try out all makeup, jewelry, hairstyles, shoes,etc. well ahead of time.
You don't want to be all stressed out, fumbling with tiny hooks,zippers, unopened packages of jewelry, finicky clasps, and other landmines,60 minutes before you go down the aisle.

bride applies mascara

2) Waterproof mascara. If you cry,(and you may) you don't want it to run down your face.

3) Allow extra time for hairstyling appointments. Very often, they take longer than stylists estimate.

fresh bridal bouquet

4) Have your flowers ready before photographs start. You'll want them in your bridal portraits before the wedding,
that's when they'll be their freshest and prettiest.

bride hides fom goom before ceremony

5) If you don't want your groom to see you prior to the wedding, let him know what room you're getting ready in.
Arrive at separate times if possible.

bride with small  child

6) If you have kids in the wedding, bring snacks for them. Make sure they are well rested, kids tire easily, and it's tougher on you
if they get cranky too early.

7) Bring bottled water,a needle and thread (and additional appropriate colors of thread), a stain stick, some safety pins, and extra antiperspirant.(Go easy on the water, remember you need five of your best friend's help, just to go to the bathroom)

8) Allow enough time for photographs after the ceremony. These are some of the most important photographs in your life,
don't short change yourself, you'll only regret it later.

9) Make certain that all important family and friends know to stick around after the ceremony, for group photos.
If you don't, some of them will leave, and you'll be disappointed when they aren't included in the formal photos.

Bride Kissing Grandma

10) If you have frail and elderly relatives, photograph them first. Be considerate, they will tire easily.

11) If you are going outdoors for photos after the ceremony, pick a nice spot that's sort of midway between the ceremony and the reception. Driving time may take longer on holiday weekends and Friday nights,or because of crowded popular photo locations, and it takes longer to get in and out of a vehicle with a wedding dress on than you think it does. The main point here, is don't make traffic and travel time something that makes you late for your own reception.

12) Have a Plan B for bad weather. No bride wants rain on her wedding day, but you don't want to wreck your dress and your hair trying to do outdoor pictures, in awful weather. Remember, rain makes mud. And floorlength dresses,will drag the wet ground. Photographers can photograph in the rain, but high-quality cameras will show the rain as streaks or dots in the pictures. So have an alternate location that at least has some cover if the weather turns bad.

13) Be sure to mention to the photographer any special poses you want. He will have some great ideas of course, but he will be happy to personalize your photographs with special requests from you. Whether it's something you saw in your grandparent's album as a kid,or something you saved on pinterest, it's nice to have some stuff you picked out for yourself.

14) Eat something. Low blood sugar will make you enjoy your day less.

15) Your big day will go by fast. Too fast. Take a take a deep breath, have a moment of Zen, before you begin.
Slow down, and enjoy every minute. After all that planning, all that expense, it will be over before you know it.
Oh, and get a great wedding photographer, someone you like personally, (you get to spend all day together) so that when your day is over, you'll have plenty of great memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Bob Freukes is a veteran wedding photographer of over 1100 weddings in the last 38 years.
He is the owner and sole proprietor of Personal Touch Portraits,in the St. Louis Missouri area.



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